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Federal Education Funding

A lack of basic contact information on an institution’s website, such as a phone number or legitimate address, is undoubtedly a warning sign of a diploma mill. Look at their website, , and remember everything you see is ‘smoke and mirrors.’ They ‘hide’ in plain sight under the corporate umbrella as the ‘World’s leading IT Company.’ I am told they have no exportable product! Please click on all their links, look closely at the pictures, platforms, core ‘products,’ business units, etc. Please disregard any unauthorized requests and report such activity immediately to the CHEA office (). The Council for Higher Education Accreditation does not charge or request payment from individuals for information associated with accreditation. It also sets a very bad precedent for the international use of degrees. If you still have doubts, contact your Better Business Bureau or state attorney general's office to make sure the school is operating legally in a state and to see if anyone has file

Types Of Alternative Tuition Plans For College

If you are told that you need to have your academic or professional qualifications evaluated by someone other than the institution, employer, or licensing authority to which you are applying, there are several possible sources of information. To find a credential evaluation service you can use the Internet's search engines. Network for Education Information , a Department of Education-administered Web site and public-private partnership, that provides a list of possible credential evaluation services. Funding of education is primarily the government's responsibility, with the exception of some kindergarten and basic school costs where local councils are also an important source of finance. Developed with the help of Dr. Larry Miller, the nation’s foremost expert on K-12 performance funding, the Performance Funding Issue Brief and Modeling Tool shows real results. When performance funding is high compared to the overall proportion of funding, student success is higher. Learni

Adjusting Your Financial Plan When College Tuition Rates Reset

This athletic myopia can create a "make-believe world where normal rules don't apply". This may result in identity foreclosure, which could impede the acquisition of the new skills and orientations necessary for coping with new situations and maintaining a belief in one's personal competence when one's dream of athletic accomplishment fails. 98% of collegiate athletes do not become professional after college—some get jobs and others struggle. Statistics don't fully reveal this dilemma, because many Division 1 athletes are unemployed because they didn't fulfill their "student" responsibilities of being a student athlete. We also offer our students a wealth of careers resources and guidance. To find out more about the career support available to our students, please visit our global employability page. Social networking on the Internet promotes the idea of community building. On sites such as Facebook and YouTube, users construct profiles, ident